Why You Should Have a Second Phone Number and E-Mail Address

smartphone pictureDo you have only one phone number and e-mail address for your personal, professional, purchasing, and mobile use. It’s not unusual for people today to only have one phone: a mobile phone that often functions as their work, home phone and mobile number.

A new mobile app called Shuffle has launched a simple utility that lets you create additional, disposable phone numbers you can use to call or text as well as receive voicemail through, right from your iPhone. There are a number of other apps available, but Shuffle allows you to create email aliases that forward mail to your main inbox.

According to Shuffle’s founder Craig Collett “Individuals have the need to protect their personal privacy and keep different business and social aspects of their life separated.”

While I have advised many of my clients to have separate e-mail addresses for personal and professional use, having a separate phone number only for registration and purchasing purposes will keep your primary phone number more private.

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