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Tech Tips For Your Home Office

Do you have the most cost efficient home office? Are you taking advantage of the many web based services that can substantially reduce your communication costs? How about a backup, maintenance, and disaster plan?

With more people working from home, it’s important to make sure that your technology supports your efforts. Here are things you need to know about working at home.

– You must have a private area that you can call your own. Do not operate on the kitchen table, play area, or living room. Make sure there are no distractions such as the family TV and dishwasher.

– There is no need for a separate Internet access account. Your modem and router can be used for both personal and business use simultaneously.

– Make sure that your signal strength from your wireless network is strong in the area that you will be working. If not, it is possible to extend the range of your wireless signal.

– If you don’t already have one, get your own computer. State of the art windows based computers are now in the $450-$500 range. Mac computers start at $999.

– Invest in an all-in-one wireless printer. It’s possible for multiple computers to print to one printer.

– All windows based computer on your network must have an anti-virus program installed. I also recommend you download a program such as to minimize the risk of having malicious software from entering your computer. At this time, these safeguards are not required for Mac computers.

– You should have a separate e-mail account for business and personal use.

– Use your cell phone as your business line. No need to pay for a separate business phone at home.

– Make sure that you understand how to use Skype. If you are in career transition and looking for a job, recruiters and employers are using it for interviewing purposes instead of flying you to their locations.

– Learn about cloud Computing. Chances are you are spending time out of your office and would love to be able to access your files from the road with either your smartphone or tablet.

– Do you have a backup and disaster strategy? Are your files backed up on an external hard drive or in The Cloud?

– Do you have someone you can call for tech support and maintenance?

If you need help with any of the points outlined above, feel free to contact me for a consultation. In addition, you  can access my radio program “Working From Home,” by clicking on the link below.

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Why Boomers and Seniors are Embracing Technology

Book-Cover-for-Boomersweb1Contrary to common belief, Baby Boomers, born between 1946-1964, as well as seniors are embracing technology.  As a technology adviser and trainer, the one expression I hear more than any other is “Technology helps me live a fuller life.”  As long as it is kept simple, they are always looking for technology to help them discover new ways to enhance their lives.  Below is a list of some of their favorite pastimes.

1.  Video conferencing – Whether it’s Skype or I-Chat (on Macs), keeping up with parents, children and grandchildren has been the biggest incentive for elders to embrace technology.  Weekly video visits has strengthened ties between generations.  How about some of your friends in different continents?  And for FREE!

2.  Sharing photos and videos – Can’t attend a graduation, wedding, or birth of a new grandchild?  These precious memories can be sent to you as the event is occurring.

3.  Want to contact someone who is not available by phone?  Text messages are received instantaneously.  All you need is your cell phone.

4.   Social networking sites have permitted boomers and seniors to reconnect with long lost acquaintances.  Signing up for Facebook will insure that you will be up to date with your grandchildrens’ activities and see the latest pictures.

5.  Eyesight failing?  Electronic reading devices (kindles, iPads, etc,) will let you enlarge print and to listen to the audio of your favorite books, magazines, and newspapers.

6.  Want to watch Charlie Rose anytime?  Visit his website for past shows.

7.  Looking for a new job or volunteer work?  Instead of wading through the classified, try searching online.

8.  Widows and widowers are flocking to online dating services.  Gone are the days when the only way you could meet someone was at a bar, social function, or through an introduction.

9.  No need to stand on line at the bank.  Elders prefer online banking to pay bills and check balances.

10. Tracking your portfolio – No need to call your broker. All your financial information is available online.

The list is endless.  However, whether it is researching exotic travel locations, looking to buy a new car, checking movie reviews and times, seniors and boomers have more spending power than any other generation and are more than willing to spend it on new technology as long as it is simple, requiring little maintenance.

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8 Reasons Why It’s Time to Get a Tablet

Tablets have received more attention in the past year than any other technology product.  Their popularity has been so great that many traditional computer manufacturers are scrambling to adjust to this change in demand.

Why are tablets so popular? Here are just some of the main reasons.

1.  Portability – Smaller and lighter than a laptop

2.  Ease of Use – One touch away from your favorite news services, stock reports, restaurant reviews, movie schedule, etc.

3.  Immediate Start-up – Much faster than waiting for your computer to “load up.”

4.  Video chatting – Keeping in touch with family, friends, and business associates.

5.   Reading books

6.   Online media – Music, movies, and TV

7.   Maintenance free – Tablets don’t crash

8.   Affordability – Less expensive than most laptops