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How Are Your Texting Skills?

More people have found that making contact by texting is easier than calling.

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Why Millennials Chat and Text With Their Mothers From Work All Day –

The open rate on texting is close to 100%.  As for e-mail, it’s no secret that it might take hours or days to get an answer.

It’s  not necessary to have a smartphone (iPhone, Android, or blackberry) to text.  Although sending a text can be tedious on a basic cellphone, you have a better chance of reaching people than e-mailing or calling.

Running late for an appointment, need to ask a quick question, reach for your mobile phone and send a text!


Intel, Apple and Others Rethink How We Watch TV –

Major vendors are looking to reshape the way we watch TV.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, “Intel’s plans include a server farm to record every piece of programming aired—local, national and international—and store it for at least three days in the “cloud.” With an Intel-designed set-top box, people won’t have to own DVRs or even plan to record programs.”

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Intel, Apple and Others Rethink How We Watch TV –

There is no timetable, however once in place, you will probably see a substantial reduction in your cable bill. Good News!!

Starbucks Ups the Stakes in Battle Over Wireless Charging

Now you can give your phone a caffeine fix along with your latte. Not ready for prime-time yet, but definitely a great idea.

Starbucks Ups the Stakes in Battle Over Wireless Charging – Ina Fried – Mobile – AllThingsD.

Biggest problem facing mobile phone users – – – – your battery running out of juice.

What do you do to increase your battery life?

Google Makes Another TV Push With $35 Chromecast Device

Google ChromecastAre you ready to start watching Internet based content on your TV?

Do you really need cable TV?

All you need is a wireless network and a TV with an HDMI outlet.


The Wall Street Journal reports that the Chromecast, is compatible with mobile devices powered by Google’s Android software as well as Apple iPhones and iPads. Read the full article below.

Google Makes Another TV Push With $35 Chromecast Device –

Want To Upgrade Your Smartphone? – Read The Small Print

We all know that it is costly to upgrade your smartphone before the end of your contract (usually 2 years). According to an article in the Wall Street Journal,  fewer people are upgrading their smartphones.

With this in mind, a couple of wireless provider, AT&T and T-Mobile, have decided to allow their customers to upgrade at any time. However before you leap at the offer, READ THE FINE PRINT.

Taking advantage of these offers require you to pay full retail for the phone. When you purchase or upgrade with a contract, you get it at a subsidized price. A subsidized phone could cost about $199, while the full retail price could be over $600.  READ THE FINE PRINT CAREFULLY.

Before making a decision, be sure to evaluate whether or not the upgrade is worth it.


Mobile Device War Heats Up

Microsoft has started to reduce the price of its Surface RT tablet. Read about it in the Wall Street Journal

BlackBerry Z10 prices drop to $49.  A disappointing decision just 4 months after its launch according to the Wall Street Journal

Sales of mobile devices continue to soar, with sales of tablets now exceeding those of personal computers.

The stakes are high as more hardware suppliers are rushing to catch up with the demand.

Are these failures indicative of poor planning or the high price points?

What do you think?