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What is Malware?

Wikipedia describes Malware as any software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server or computer network.

PC Mag reports that the following are the most common signs that your computer has been infested with Malware.

Popup Ads Start Popping Up Everywhere

Your Browser Keeps Getting Redirected

An Unknown App Sends Scary Warnings

Mysterious Posts Appear on Your Social Media

You Get Ransom Demands

Your System Tools Are Disabled

In addition to having an anti-virus program (with the latest updates) installed in your computer, a strong malware program such as Malwarebytes must be installed as well.

Concerned about your iPhone battery life?

Business Insider reports on the 5 common myths about iPhone battery life

Myth #1: Closing apps you’re not using can save battery life

Myth #2: Charging your phone overnight can hurt the battery

Myth #3: Apple’s $29 battery replacements are guaranteed to improve your device’s battery life

Myth #4: Turning off settings like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will always save your battery life

Myth #5: Letting the iPhone adjust brightness automatically hurts battery life

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Apple offers many suggestions for each of your Apple devices on how to increase your battery life. Click here to read the Apple post.


How to Review and Delete Your Alexa History

Alexa records everything you say and stores it all in the Alexa app.

Want to review what you’ve asked Alexa (and maybe delete some of the more embarrassing inquiries)? Here’s how.

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