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Why Boomers and Seniors are Embracing Technology

elders_and_technologyContrary to common belief, Baby Boomers, born between 1946-1964, as well as seniors are embracing technology.  As a technology adviser and trainer, the one expression I hear more than any other is “Technology helps me live a fuller life.”  As long as it is kept simple, they are always looking for technology to help them discover new ways to enhance their lives.  Below is a list of some of their favorite pastimes.

1.  Video conferencing – Whether it’s Skype or I-Chat (on MACs), keeping up with parents, children and grandchildren has been the biggest incentive for elders to embrace technology.  Weekly video visits has strengthened ties between generations.  How about some of your friends in different continents?  And for FREE!

2.  Sharing photos and videos – Can’t attend a graduation, wedding, or birth of a new grandchild?  These precious memories can be sent to you as the event is occurring.

3.  Want to contact someone who is not available by phone?  Text messages are received instantaneously.  All you need is your cell phone.

4.   Social networking sites have permitted boomers and seniors to reconnect with long lost acquaintances.  Signing up for Facebook will insure that you will be up to date with your grandchildrens’ activities and see the latest pictures.

5.  Eyesight failing?  Electronic reading devices (kindles, I-Pads, etc,) will let you enlarge print and to listen to the audio of your favorite books, magazines, and newspapers.

6.  Want to watch Charlie Rose anytime?  Visit his website for past shows.

7.  Looking for a new job or volunteer work?  Instead of wading through the classified, try searching online.

8.  Widows and widowers are flocking to online dating services.  Gone are the days when the only way you could meet someone was at a bar, social function, or through an introduction.

9.  No need to stand on line at the bank.  Elders prefer online banking to pay bills and check balances.

10. Tracking your portfolio – No need to call your broker. All your financial information is available online.

The list is endless.  However, whether it is researching exotic travel locations, looking to buy a new car, checking movie reviews and times, seniors and boomers have more spending power than any other generation and are more than willing to spend it on new technology as long as it is simple, requiring little maintenance.



You’ve recently left corporate life, set up a home office or started a new business.  Your documents, pictures, music, videos, etc, that are stored in your computer are important to you. Do you have a backup system? Here are some reasons you should be backing up your data.

1. What if your computer crashes and you can’t start it.
2. Your home/office burns down
3. Your computer has been stolen
4. You left the computer in a restaurant, hotel, etc.
5. Coffee, soda or other liquid has been spilled on the keyboard of your laptop
6. The computer has been dropped
7. A virus has wiped out the hard drive
8. Malware, short for malicious software, has permitted someone to infiltrate your computer system without your consent
9. You have inadvertently erased an important file.
10. Someone else who uses your computer has deleted files

The list goes on. Before disaster strikes, make sure you are backing up ALL your important data onto an external hard drive and explore many of the online backup options that are available.

If you have any questions about what method of backup is best for you, do not hesitate to contact me.


Baby Boomers are not  Luddites!

Baby Boomers in action1.  Baby Boomers number 77 million, over 25% of the US population.

2.  Baby Boomers are the wealthiest, best educated and most sophisticated purchasers of services and products.

3.  By 2030, there will be twice as many people over age 65 as now.  Companies that don’t make their products and services relevant to older consumers will have a difficult time.

4.  The latest research indicates that Boomers and Seniors are expected to outspend younger adults by $1 trillion this year.

5.  The latest statistics indicate that 41% of Boomers regularly visit social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and 61% visit websites that offer streaming or downloadable videos.

5. A recent article in the NY Times reported that Boomers show a great deal of interest in purchasing consumer electronics – more than any other age group.

6.  There is a surging number of people starting businesses later in life (baby boomers and seniors).  They will rely heavily on technology and will need to brush up on their basic computer skills.

7.  Boomers embrace technology when researching travel, products and services.

8.  With families spread out all over the world, they will rely heavily on e-mail, social media and video conference to keep in touch.

9.  Boomers don’t want technology products that are complicated and cluttered with excessive features.

10. Remember, Boomers are not just interested in issues such as health care and senior living facilities.  They spend more on traveling, new cars and computers than any other generation.


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