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Can’t find Siri on your new iPad? Well, it’s not there!  While Apple included this speech-recognition personal assistant on its new iPhone 4S, it is not one of the many new features on the latest iPad.

I like speech recognition, as do many of my clients who are not thrilled with the touch screen on either their iPhones or iPads. Siri is limited only to the iPhone 4S and not on the iPhone 4, iPod touch, or other smartphones. In search for a speech recognition app for my new iPad, I discovered and downloaded Dragon Go, a mobile application that hears what you say, and delivers the results you want within seconds!

There are several distinct differences between the two services. Siri speaks back to you while Dragon Go reports its findings on the screen. Dragon Go interacts with other apps and websites, such as Open Table for restaurant reservations, Fandango, YouTube, and Twitter.

While there are many competitive apps out there, such as Vlingo, Dragon Go is a worthy alternative to Siri for those of you who don’t want to upgrade to the iPhone 4S and would like speech recognition for their iPad.

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