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Time for your Annual Technology Checkup

Most likely, you make sure that you have an annual physical exam.  Those of us who schedule a checkup on a regular basis are concerned that all our parts are in good working order.

With technology playing such an important part of our daily lives, doesn’t it make sense to make sure that your technology supports your needs?  Whether or not you use technology for business or personal use, keeping current could make you more productive and probably save you money.

Here is a partial list of items that you should be thinking about:

Man Thinking– Is your computer slowing down?  If it hasn’t had a maintenance checkup in the past year, it’s time to see whether a simple exam is necessary or you should consider replacing it.

– If you are in the market for a new computer, should you consider a MAC or PC?

– Will one of the “latest and greatest” new gadgets such as the I-Phone, I-Pad, netbooks, etc. make your life easier?

– Do you have the right tools to stay in communication and to access information while traveling.  Do you have the right mobile devices (computer, cellphone, etc.)?

– Have you looked at your telephone bills recently?  Should you be considering using one of the many Internet based services?

– Are all your important files being backed up?

– Do you have someone to call if you have technical issues?

Being proactive will make you more productive and probably save you money.  Don’t wait until something goes wrong.

How about scheduling that technology checkup now!!