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Did you get a new iPhone for the holidays?  So many features to learn!!  Not only can you listen to your music, but how about the videos that you can watch with either your wi-fi connection or from your cell phone carrier (Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint)?

Most likely, you are finding that the battery life of your new smartphone is much shorter than on a standard cell phone. The reason for this is with a smartphone (iPhone, Android, blackberry), the amount of data (e-mail, Internet access, media) consumes significantly more energy than a conventional cell phone that only is used for telephone purposes.

Streaming music or videos from the Internet are the major source of decreased battery life.  Applications of any type that are running in the background such as Facebook, news and weather updates, etc, also impact the life of your battery.

Below is a link that has some useful tips about extending the life of your smartphone battery:

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