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Why you should consider the Cloud based version of Microsoft Office

Want to use Microsoft Office on the Road?

Are you spending more time out of your home or office?  Would you like to be able to work on your documents from your mobile devices?

BY EDWARD MENDELSON. “The title above says Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium$94.99 at SoftwareSpeedy, which is Microsoft’s name for one of its many varieties of Office 2013—the subscription-based variety that you download from the cloud and use on your disk in exactly the same way youve used earlier versions of Office. The difference is that the new Office is designed to make it as easy to store documents in the cloud as it is on your disk, and Microsoft is pushing the idea that with Office 365, you can now edit Office documents anywhere—on any Windows-based desktop or tablet, on a Windows phone, in a Web browser, and even on your Mac, because your Office 365 subscription lets you have Office installed on five devices at any one time. This means you get Office 2013 on your Windows machines and Office 2011 for the Mac on your OS X machines. Office 2013 is an impressive upgrade to the worlds most powerful office application suite, with new features so smoothly built in that it requires almost no new learning or training. Office 365 is the best argument Ive seen for moving documents into the cloud without any compromise in features and flexibility compared to desktop-only applications”.

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Best Idea to Save on Mobile Data Plans

Shouldn’t content prividers have to pay to increase their viewership instead of penalizing consumers who run the risk of exceeding their data limits by streaming their content?

ESPN eyes subsidizing wireless plans. ESPN, the cable sports channel majority-owned by Walt Disney Co., has had discussions with at least one major U.S. carrier to subsidize wireless connectivity on behalf of its users, reports the WSJ. Under one scenario, the company would pay a carrier to guarantee that people viewing ESPN mobile content wouldn’t have that usage counted toward their monthly data caps. The talks come as Americans are watching more video delivered via mobile phone than ever before. Users in the fourth quarter were averaging five hours and 23 minutes of usage per person per month, according to Nielsen.

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

How about it YouTube, Netflix, etc?


Is It Time For You to Get a Tablet?

Apple introduced the mini iPad yesterday as the tablet wars heat up.  Sales of tablets worldwide, with displays in the 7-inch range, are expected to double this year to 34 million units, and to double again in 2013, to 67 million units, according to IHS as reported in the Wall Street Journal.

So much to choose from: Amazon’s Kindles, Barnes and Noble Nooks, Google’s Nexus 7, etc. and more to come in the weeks and months ahead.

Which one is right for you and what are the differences?  As I have indicated many times in the past, it depends on your needs, preferences, comfort level with the device, and budget.

The Wall Street Journal offers a price and feature comparison of the most popular tablets.

According to a recent report in CNNMoney, PC sales will decline in 2012 for the first time since 2011. This is in part to the explosive growth of the tablet market as detailed above.

Many of my clients who have never used a computer have embraced tablets for simple web browsing, e-mail, reading, shopping and viewing videos and pictures, to name a view.

IBM reports that by 2013, there will be more mobile devices than people in the world. Isn’t it time you entered the Mobile World?

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Are You Using a Secure Wireless Network?

What is a secure wireless network?

What You Need to Know


As a parent, do you have the basic computer skills to maintain contact with your college student? Does your technology support your efforts, and do you have the most cost efficient systems in place?

The following are some points that you should be thinking about before the move-in date:

– Will you need to upgrade either your equipment or services?

– How do you determine your child’s equipment needs while in college?

– Does the cell phone provider that you use at home (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.) have a strong network at your child’s school?

– What can you do to keep your communication costs down?

– What are the most cost efficient ways to stay in communication with your child in college?

– How do you keep in contact with your child who is studying abroad without incurring large telephone charges?

– Has your child’s school granted you online access to key school resources?

– Does your child know how to reach you 24/7?

The chances are that your child may be more up-to-date on the latest technology than you. It is important that you discuss a strategy to communicate in a cost efficient manner.  If your child is studying thousands of miles away, or perhaps in any country, you do not want to incur telephone charges that approach the cost of tuition!

Most universities no longer provide phones in their dorms.  The use of cell phones and other mobile technology tools has significantly enhanced our ability to maintain our relationships with our children in college.  Are you prepared?

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Did you get a new iPhone for the holidays?  So many features to learn!!  Not only can you listen to your music, but how about the videos that you can watch with either your wi-fi connection or from your cell phone carrier (Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint)?

Most likely, you are finding that the battery life of your new smartphone is much shorter than on a standard cell phone. The reason for this is with a smartphone (iPhone, Android, blackberry), the amount of data (e-mail, Internet access, media) consumes significantly more energy than a conventional cell phone that only is used for telephone purposes.

Streaming music or videos from the Internet are the major source of decreased battery life.  Applications of any type that are running in the background such as Facebook, news and weather updates, etc, also impact the life of your battery.

Below is a link that has some useful tips about extending the life of your smartphone battery:

If you or someone you know needs to brush up on basic computer skills, requires help choosing the right computer or any other technology issues, do not hesitate to contact me at 917 921-4518 or by e-mail at Feel free to click here to receive my free white paper on Technology Tips on setting up a home office and becoming a true road warrior.


Basic computer skillsLooking to start a new business?  Are you in the job market?

Chances are that if you previously worked for a company and had an assistant, many tasks were delegated and support was just a phone call away.  Whether you are starting a new venture or looking for employment, your success will depend on your basic computer skills and having a technology plan that supports your efforts.

The majority of Baby Boomers did not start their professional careers in the digital world.  The way we communicate and acquire information has changed dramatically.  Social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are now part of our personal and business lives.  Cell phones have made us more mobile and reachable everywhere.  Everyone uses Google to find people, places and things.

Set some time aside and take an inventory of your basic technology skills.  Are you able to retrieve and save e-mail attachments, search through past e-mails?  Are you able to type and format documents?  Are you able to locate your documents?  Are you able to make educated decisions about your equipment?  Do you know how to use a smartphone?  The list is endless.

Individuals and companies that have not embraced technology will find it very difficult to compete in today’s global and wired world.

If you feel you need to brush up on your basic computer skills or want to understand more about the world of technology, do not hesitate to contact me at 917 921-4518 or by e-mail at If you are in career transition, feel free to click here to receive my free white paper on Technology Tips on setting up a home office and becoming a true road warrior.


droid-razrLast week it was the iPhone 4s, and now, the new Motorola Razr. With a new smartphone being introduced almost daily, making the right choice can be a daunting experience.  Here is the link to an article in Mashable  comparing the best selling models.

While my earlier blog of October 5th, explains the mobile phone war in greater deal, below is a summary of important facts to consider before buying.

1.  Make sure you select the right provider (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc) – Not all providers are created equal.  The name of the game is coverage.  Are you experiencing dropped calls or poor reception? Check with your neighbors to see which provider works best for them.

2.  The three major smartphones are RIM’s Blackberry, Apple’s iPhone, and Google’s Android.  They are all different and comfort level means a lot.  Not all providers offer the same models.  The iPhone is an attractive phone with lots of apps but you better be comfortable with the touch screen.  The Android phone’s market share has increased steadily and it offers a choice of using the touch screen or a slide out keyboard while Blackberry’s market share has reduced significantly with the advent of both the iPhone and Android.

3.  Once you have decided which provider works best for you, go into a store and play with the available models.  Make sure you are comfortable with the weight, size, and screen.  Touch screens are handy but not not be right for everyone.  If not, you might want a pull out keyboard.

Mobile technology is growing.  Within the next couple of years, more people will be accessing the Internet on a mobile device than with a computer.  Choose wisely!!

If you have any questions about this or other technology issues, do not hesitate to contact me at 917 921-4518 or by e-mail at  If you are in career transition, feel free to click here to receive my free white paper on Technology Tips on setting up a home office and becoming a true road warrior.


Smart phonesOK, Apple has now introduced yet another “smartphone,” the iPhone 4S.  More importantly, they have now increased their distribution channel by offering it to Sprint customers.  Prior to this “launch,” iPhones were only offered through Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

The market share war, which includes Apple (iPhones), Google (Androids), and RIM (Blackberrys) is now in high gear which will invariably affect profitability in the long run. Apple has already reduced the price of some its older iPhone models.

As for those of you that are thinking about upgrading to a “smartphone,” remember the ground rules:

1.  It’s the provider first (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.).  Make sure that you are getting acceptable service in both your home and office.  Service varies by mobile phone provider, and if your service is poor, consider switching.  Having the latest and greatest phone will not help if your calls are being dropped or the  Internet connection is slow.  Ask your neighbors both at home and office what providers work for them.

2.  Smartphones come in all sizes and weight.  While they all offer telephone services and data plans for e-mails, Internet and apps, you must be comfortable with your mobile device. Once you own a smartphone, you will find that you will be depending more and more on it for e-mail and Internet access.

3.  Make sure you understand the terms of the data plans which are separate charges over and above your telephone plans.  A full explanation can be found on an earlier blog,  All About Data Plans.

4.  When you have decided on the right wireless provider, walk into one of their stores and play with all the available smartphones for comfort level.  iPhones only have touch screens, some Android models offer both touch screens as well as a slide out keyboard.  The Blackberry has lost market share, however they are still popular and should not be ruled out.

If you have any questions about the mobile phone market or any other technology questions, do not hesitate to contact me at 917 921-4518 or by e-mail at  If you are in career transition, feel free to click here to receive my free white paper on Technology Tips on setting up a home office and becoming a true road warrior.


MagicJackTraveling overseas?  Concerned about keeping in touch?  Using your cell phone will be expensive.  If you bring your laptop and have Internet access, you should have a MagicJack as a companion.

Pictured on the left, a MagicJack is a tiny device that is plugged into one of the USB slots in your computer.  The device costs $39.99 with an annual fee of $19.99.  Not only that, but when you purchase a MagicJack, you get the first year for freeNo monthly charges. You can purchase one at places like Best Buy or online at

How does it work?  When you sign up, you select a phone  number with your local area code (in New York, either 917,646, or 347).  What this means is when you plug your MagicJack into your computer, you are calling through the Internet and you can call  anywhere in the US for free.

This works also in the US.  So if you don’t want to use your cell phone from a hotel room or borrow someone’s phone, stick the MagicJack into your computer and make your call.  If you want privacy, you can use a headset.

Free caller ID, free voice mail, free directory assistance……. Free …. Free …. Free!!

If you have any questions regarding MagicJack or any other technology issues, give me a call at 917 921-4518 or e-mail me at

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