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– Do you have the right equipment to support your business and personal needs?

– Confused by all the new gadgets being introduced almost on a daily basis?

– Do you know what type of smartphone (iPhone, Android, blackberry) is right for you?

– Do you understand the new data plans that have been introduced by your wireless service provider (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.)?

– Are you or someone you know going through career transition and need help determining their technology needs?

– Need to set up a home office?

These are just a few topics that I discuss on my weekly radio program.  While the shows are aired every Thursday at 4:30 PM, you can click on the link below to access the archives of all past programs at anytime.  The topics as well as the names of guest speakers are listed for each show.

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For those of you who are not interested in a fancy smartphone, but a simple cell phone for telephone use only, check out the jitterbug phone at

Well over 90% of Americans own a cell phone.  While the Jitterbug is advertised as the “Cellphone for Seniors,” its attractiveness is to any age group that is looking for a phone that is easy to see, hear, and simple to use.

In this mobile world, being able to reach out to someone in an emergency, regardless of age, makes having a cell phone a necessity.  If you or someone else in your family has resisted having a cell phone because of the complexity of the most popular models on the market, consider the advantages of investing in a Jitterbug.

1.  No contract required.

2.  Larger screen, easy to see, even in the daylight.

3.  Larger keyboard, making dialing easy.

4.  Live, 24-hour support operators.

5.  Affordable pricing starting at $14.99 per month.

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10 Reasons to keep it close by

Cell PhoneAlthough cell phone use in the US is well over 90%, there are still individuals that have resisted the urge to “become wired.”  Although many of us would like the ability to escape and not be reached, there are many reasons why having a cell phone has become a necessity.  The following are some of the more important ones:

1.  You are almost always accessible.  It is possible to limit your accessibility by switching the phone to a vibrate only mode, or turning it off, when at the movies or at dinner for example.

2.  In case of emergency, you can reach out for help whether you are lost, have a flat tire or in need of medical assistance.

3.  Running late? You can either call or send a text message.

4.  Keeping in contact with your children whether it be a change of plans or out late at night.

5.  If you are a senior, the ability to keep in touch with your family.  If you are living alone, giving your children peace of mind.

6.  Cost – Long distance calling is usually cheaper.

7.  Taking a trip? – Have your home calls transferred to your cell phone.

8.  If you are dependent on e-mail, you can purchase a “smartphone” that permits you to access your messages from anywhere.

9.  An easy way of having access to all your contact information.

10.  An extra alarm clock.

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Do You like Movies?

Netflix-Logo1.  One monthly fee ($7.99) lets you watch as many movies as you want.

2.  Movies on Demand – You can watch a movie anytime you want either on your TV, computer, or smartphone (iphone, android, etc.)

3.  No need to leave home.

4.  No late fees

5.  Large selection of movies in multiple categories Including classics that you may have missed or want to see again

6. A large library of past TV shows.  You can watch multiple episodes of a series in a row

7. Cheaper than subscribing to all the premium movie channels from your cable provider

8. Can’t sleep, watch a movie.

9.  You can search for a movie or TV show by category, title, or actor/actress.

10. No Commercials

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What is a Tiered Data Plan?

smartphonesRecently released statistics (as reported by indicate that more than a third of U.S. adults now own smartphones.  The Nielsen Company reports that smartphones represent over 50% of all new cell phone purchases.

By definition, a smartphone is any mobile device that combines functions such as telephone, e-mail, Internet access, contact information, and calendar.  The three major suppliers of smartphones are Apple’s I-Phone, RIM’s Blackberry, and Google’s Android.

Cell phone providers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.) offer a variety of telephone plans based on your usage.  While the telephone plans are the same for smartphones, there is an additional charge for “data,” meaning e-mail and Internet access.  These charges add an additional $30 and up to your bill.

Several weeks ago, following the lead of its competitors, Verizon ended its “unlimited” data plan and introduced “tiered” pricing.  The end of the unlimited era has confused many consumers who do not understand the new pricing structure which is based on the amount of data usage.  Verizon now offers monthly plans of $30 for 2GB of data, $50 for 5GB of data and $80 for 10GB of data.  Additional fees will apply if you exceed the limits of your plan.

In order to determine what plan is best for you, below is a list of functions that will impact your data usage.

1.  Streaming video – Watching video on programs such as YouTube or full length movies on services like Netflix and Hulu on your smartphone or I-Pad.

2.  Streaming Audio – While it is OK to play music from your I-Tunes library, using Internet Radio programs such as Pandora eats into your usage (although not as much as video).

3.  Navigation systems – Using your smartphone on the road as opposed to an in-car navigation system.

4.  Internet Use – Sites with significant amounts of data.

Accessing social media sites such as Facebook will not consume a lot of megabytes.  However uploading photos will.  Twitter is fine since it deals mainly with small amounts of text.  No need to worry about e-mail, since it is basically plain text.  However, if you receive attachments with high resolution pictures, your usage will increase.

An alternative to using your cell phone provider’s data service is using Wi-fi wherever it is available, whether that be at home, in your office or a “hotspot.”  There are no data limitations with a wi-fi connection.

As for me, I am on the road quite a bit and use my smartphone all day.  An analysis of my usage indicates that I am well under 2GB per month, which should be more than sufficient for the average mobile warrior.  I suggest you check with your service provider who is able to provide you with an analysis of your usage prior to selecting a pricing package.

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Why Boomers and Seniors are Embracing Technology

elders_and_technologyContrary to common belief, Baby Boomers, born between 1946-1964, as well as seniors are embracing technology.  As a technology adviser and trainer, the one expression I hear more than any other is “Technology helps me live a fuller life.”  As long as it is kept simple, they are always looking for technology to help them discover new ways to enhance their lives.  Below is a list of some of their favorite pastimes.

1.  Video conferencing – Whether it’s Skype or I-Chat (on MACs), keeping up with parents, children and grandchildren has been the biggest incentive for elders to embrace technology.  Weekly video visits has strengthened ties between generations.  How about some of your friends in different continents?  And for FREE!

2.  Sharing photos and videos – Can’t attend a graduation, wedding, or birth of a new grandchild?  These precious memories can be sent to you as the event is occurring.

3.  Want to contact someone who is not available by phone?  Text messages are received instantaneously.  All you need is your cell phone.

4.   Social networking sites have permitted boomers and seniors to reconnect with long lost acquaintances.  Signing up for Facebook will insure that you will be up to date with your grandchildrens’ activities and see the latest pictures.

5.  Eyesight failing?  Electronic reading devices (kindles, I-Pads, etc,) will let you enlarge print and to listen to the audio of your favorite books, magazines, and newspapers.

6.  Want to watch Charlie Rose anytime?  Visit his website for past shows.

7.  Looking for a new job or volunteer work?  Instead of wading through the classified, try searching online.

8.  Widows and widowers are flocking to online dating services.  Gone are the days when the only way you could meet someone was at a bar, social function, or through an introduction.

9.  No need to stand on line at the bank.  Elders prefer online banking to pay bills and check balances.

10. Tracking your portfolio – No need to call your broker. All your financial information is available online.

The list is endless.  However, whether it is researching exotic travel locations, looking to buy a new car, checking movie reviews and times, seniors and boomers have more spending power than any other generation and are more than willing to spend it on new technology as long as it is simple, requiring little maintenance.