For those of you who are not interested in a fancy smartphone, but a simple cell phone for telephone use only, check out the jitterbug phone at

Well over 90% of Americans own a cell phone.  While the Jitterbug is advertised as the “Cellphone for Seniors,” its attractiveness is to any age group that is looking for a phone that is easy to see, hear, and simple to use.

In this mobile world, being able to reach out to someone in an emergency, regardless of age, makes having a cell phone a necessity.  If you or someone else in your family has resisted having a cell phone because of the complexity of the most popular models on the market, consider the advantages of investing in a Jitterbug.

1.  No contract required.

2.  Larger screen, easy to see, even in the daylight.

3.  Larger keyboard, making dialing easy.

4.  Live, 24-hour support operators.

5.  Affordable pricing starting at $14.99 per month.

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