An App for Everything!!

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Geoffrey Fowler writes that “There’s an Uber for everything now. Washio is for having someone do your laundry, Sprig and SpoonRocket cook your dinner and Shyp will mail things out so you don’t have to brave the post office. Zeel delivers a massage therapist (complete with table). Heal sends a doctor on a house call, while Saucey will rush over alcohol. And by Jeeves, cutesy names are part of the schtick—Dufl will pack your suitcase and Eaze will reup a medical marijuana supply.”

While I have not yet found an app for most of my everyday chores, I do rely on my iPhone for a car service (Uber and Via), Starbucks, breaking news, weather, and of course, sports.

Fowler reports that “Life sure is easy when you let your apps do the walking, but I learned they’re not only for the lazy. Most provided great service and, to my surprise, some have ingenious new business models that actually saved me money. It’s just not clear how many will make sense outside dot-com Camelots like San Francisco—or even still be in business in a year.”

As I have stressed to my clients, it is important to document your needs and interests. I meet with many people in the course of a day and recommend different equipment (smartphones, tablets, laptops) and services based on their individual interests.

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