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7 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

Social Media icon1.  Are you using social media for both personal and business purposes?

2.  Do you have a social media strategy for your business?

2.  Have you integrated social media into your marketing plan?

3.  If you are one of the 700 million plus Facebook users, have you set up a separate business page?

4.  What sites are you using: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Foursqure, etc.?

5.  Are you  interacting with your contacts and groups on a regular basis?

6.  Are you using sites such as Google Analytics to evaluate your social media strategy?

7. Are you able to manage your social media program or do you need to hire a “cyber ghost assistant” in order to devote time to running your business?

Remember, a successful social media program is one that has been customized to fit your specific needs.  Make sure your goals are clear before jumping into the social media waters.

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Finding it hard to sort through all the Junk?

Do you have only one e-mail address?  Chances are, that if you do, you are having a difficult time sorting through it all to find that one important message you have been waiting for.  Whether you are using gmail, yahoo, one of the services provided by your cable or DSL provider, or even AOL, your inbox is flooded with ads, jokes and other useless pieces of mail.  By most accounts, 90% of all e-mails sent are spam!!

Advertisers love to send notices of sales since it is basically a postage free way of reaching millions of potential customers.  Ever notice that a single order from any major retailer that manages to obtain your e-mail address will produce a flood of e-mails, daily or weekly?  While most e-mail providers claim to have spam control, only the most obvious spam gets caught.  Most retail promotions are not blocked unless you set up blockers manually.

What’s the solution?  Well, having at least 2 separate e-mail accounts is a start.  If you are running a business, you should have separate accounts for your business and personal lives.  Even without a business, you should consider 2 personal accounts.

Why?  Consider the number of online sites that you have registered with.  Whether it be sites like Amazon, Ebay, The Food Network, Bloomingdales, the New York Times, Fandango (movies), etc., you have open the flood gates.  Registering requires an e-mail address which often automatically adds you to their mailing list (unless you opt-out).

I have a separate e-mail address for all sites that I purchase from and/or require an e-mail for registration.  My main e-mail address is used for business purposes only, and although I still receive a fair amount of junk, it is much more manageable since I never use this account to register for anything unless it is business related.

While you will never be able to eliminate all the junk and spam, it will at least be much more manageable with separate accounts.

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What is a Tiered Data Plan?

smartphonesRecently released statistics (as reported by indicate that more than a third of U.S. adults now own smartphones.  The Nielsen Company reports that smartphones represent over 50% of all new cell phone purchases.

By definition, a smartphone is any mobile device that combines functions such as telephone, e-mail, Internet access, contact information, and calendar.  The three major suppliers of smartphones are Apple’s I-Phone, RIM’s Blackberry, and Google’s Android.

Cell phone providers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.) offer a variety of telephone plans based on your usage.  While the telephone plans are the same for smartphones, there is an additional charge for “data,” meaning e-mail and Internet access.  These charges add an additional $30 and up to your bill.

Several weeks ago, following the lead of its competitors, Verizon ended its “unlimited” data plan and introduced “tiered” pricing.  The end of the unlimited era has confused many consumers who do not understand the new pricing structure which is based on the amount of data usage.  Verizon now offers monthly plans of $30 for 2GB of data, $50 for 5GB of data and $80 for 10GB of data.  Additional fees will apply if you exceed the limits of your plan.

In order to determine what plan is best for you, below is a list of functions that will impact your data usage.

1.  Streaming video – Watching video on programs such as YouTube or full length movies on services like Netflix and Hulu on your smartphone or I-Pad.

2.  Streaming Audio – While it is OK to play music from your I-Tunes library, using Internet Radio programs such as Pandora eats into your usage (although not as much as video).

3.  Navigation systems – Using your smartphone on the road as opposed to an in-car navigation system.

4.  Internet Use – Sites with significant amounts of data.

Accessing social media sites such as Facebook will not consume a lot of megabytes.  However uploading photos will.  Twitter is fine since it deals mainly with small amounts of text.  No need to worry about e-mail, since it is basically plain text.  However, if you receive attachments with high resolution pictures, your usage will increase.

An alternative to using your cell phone provider’s data service is using Wi-fi wherever it is available, whether that be at home, in your office or a “hotspot.”  There are no data limitations with a wi-fi connection.

As for me, I am on the road quite a bit and use my smartphone all day.  An analysis of my usage indicates that I am well under 2GB per month, which should be more than sufficient for the average mobile warrior.  I suggest you check with your service provider who is able to provide you with an analysis of your usage prior to selecting a pricing package.

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Need to Reduce Your Expenses?

What You Need to Know About Your Technology

movingThe economy has forced many small businesses to cut expenses.  Although you might have already reduced your payroll costs and slashed your advertising budget, your overhead is still way too high.  The toughest decision has been made to relocate your office to your home and the process is underway.

Chances are that you have started to weed through old paperwork that is no longer needed, posted ads on Craig’s list to sell some furniture, called a mover,  researched storage facilities, and tried to figure out how fitting your business into your apartment or house will work.

What about your technology needs?  Have you given any thought to what you will need and whether or not your home will accommodate your business needs.  The following are some issues that must be addressed before you make the move:

1.  What are your computer and hardware needs at home?

2.  Have you determined whether your home will support the extra electrical load?

3.  What about Internet access?  Chances are you are using a business Internet provider.  Your home Internet provider (Cable or DSL) might have to be upgraded to support your business needs.

4.  Have you thought about your communication needs?  Will you be transferring your existing business telephone and fax numbers?  What if your home is in another state?  Perhaps you should consider one of the Internet based phone systems.

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