10 Reasons to keep it close by

Cell PhoneAlthough cell phone use in the US is well over 90%, there are still individuals that have resisted the urge to “become wired.”  Although many of us would like the ability to escape and not be reached, there are many reasons why having a cell phone has become a necessity.  The following are some of the more important ones:

1.  You are almost always accessible.  It is possible to limit your accessibility by switching the phone to a vibrate only mode, or turning it off, when at the movies or at dinner for example.

2.  In case of emergency, you can reach out for help whether you are lost, have a flat tire or in need of medical assistance.

3.  Running late? You can either call or send a text message.

4.  Keeping in contact with your children whether it be a change of plans or out late at night.

5.  If you are a senior, the ability to keep in touch with your family.  If you are living alone, giving your children peace of mind.

6.  Cost – Long distance calling is usually cheaper.

7.  Taking a trip? – Have your home calls transferred to your cell phone.

8.  If you are dependent on e-mail, you can purchase a “smartphone” that permits you to access your messages from anywhere.

9.  An easy way of having access to all your contact information.

10.  An extra alarm clock.

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