Cloud ComputingWhether or not you realize it, you have been using a cloud based service since you first started using a computer. These services include AOL, Hotmail, and G-Mail accounts.  Chances are they you are one of the half billion plus members of Facebook.

Well, welcome to “the cloud!” Simply defined, cloud computing means having every piece of data you need at your fingertips and ready for use, being able to access all of your personal data at any given moment, having the ability to organize and store data from any computer, and on any model device. Using the cloud permits you to share that data (proposals, photos, movies, contacts, e-mail, documents, etc.) with your friends, family, clients and coworkers.

There are many excellent free cloud based programs that are extremely useful for your business.  My favorite is Dropbox.  I store all data in Dropbox that I would like to access from another computer or my mobile devices while on the road.  You can store up to 2 GIGs for free.  For $9.99/mo., you can store 50GIGs.  I find the free version is plenty for carrying around what I need.  As I write this blog, it is stored at Dropbox in order for me to able to work on it from wherever I am located. Another favorite of mine is Evernote.  Instead of carrying around little scraps of paper with reminders scribbled on them, I enter them from any computer or mobile device into Evernote.  Both sites are password protected.  There are a host of other cloud based services and programs available ranging from news services, financial market reports, video conferencing, movie listings, flight information, hotel reservations, weather, etc.

No need to be afraid.  Accessing the cloud is safe and secured as long as you know the site.  You do it on your personal computer every time you use the computer.

With the world becoming more mobile and the fact that, in just a few years, more people will be accessing the Internet through one of the handheld devices (Blackberries, I-Phones, I-Pads, and Androids), cloud computing will continue to gain in popularity.

So, get with it! Join the cloud group.  If you have any questions regarding cloud computing or any other technology issue, give me a call at 917 921-4518 or e-mail me at