verizon-mifiWhile many of us now own a “smartphone,” I-Pad or other small tablet size device with Internet access, a full size laptop is often necessary to work on documents and other projects that are not easily managed on handheld devices.  It is now possible to buy a laptop with wireless access using the cellular networks.  However using your provider’s (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) cellular network to access the Internet can be slow and spotty.

My solution is a credit card size device from Verizon called Mi-fi.  This mobile device permits me faster access to the Internet using wireless technology (which is faster than the cellular network) for as many as 5 wireless products at a time.

With my Mi-fi card, I no longer need to look for a hot spot for Internet access.  I can work in the park, in my car or commuter bus or train.  Not only am I free to work anywhere there is service, the connection is secure since the device requires a password, which means that no one is able to join my network, much like being at home with a secured router.  I am able to access sites requiring passwords and bank accounts without worrying about my neighbor sitting in a coffee shop next to me accessing the same unsecured network.

Yesterday, the Internet in my home was down.  No problem.  I simply turned on my Mi-fi device and the three of us were all able to use the Internet simultaneously until the situation was resolved.

The Mi-fi is not for everyone and it costs a minimum of $50/month based on your usage.  In addition, while you are able to get a global model, the costs of using it abroad will be exorbitant, similar to using your phone overseas.  Better to use a wireless hotspot (although not secured). However for those of you that require secure Internet access on the road, it is an excellent accessory.

If you have any questions about the M-fi, or other technology issues, give me a call at 917 921-4518 or e-mail me at