Need to Reduce Your Expenses?

What You Need to Know About Your Technology

movingThe economy has forced many small businesses to cut expenses.  Although you might have already reduced your payroll costs and slashed your advertising budget, your overhead is still way too high.  The toughest decision has been made to relocate your office to your home and the process is underway.

Chances are that you have started to weed through old paperwork that is no longer needed, posted ads on Craig’s list to sell some furniture, called a mover,  researched storage facilities, and tried to figure out how fitting your business into your apartment or house will work.

What about your technology needs?  Have you given any thought to what you will need and whether or not your home will accommodate your business needs.  The following are some issues that must be addressed before you make the move:

1.  What are your computer and hardware needs at home?

2.  Have you determined whether your home will support the extra electrical load?

3.  What about Internet access?  Chances are you are using a business Internet provider.  Your home Internet provider (Cable or DSL) might have to be upgraded to support your business needs.

4.  Have you thought about your communication needs?  Will you be transferring your existing business telephone and fax numbers?  What if your home is in another state?  Perhaps you should consider one of the Internet based phone systems.

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