Last week, one of my computers died! Would not start up, hard drive wiped out, all documents, pictures, videos gone.

Fortunately, my backup strategy saved the day.  Although having to replace the computer was a bummer, recovering all the data was a snap. Why? Because I had an external hard drive attached to the computer and had it set to backup the computer daily.  Second, I had the data backed up “in the cloud.”

There are a number of web based services available for backing up your data (documents, pictures, etc.) in the cloud.  Why is it important to backup your data offsite?  Well, If there is a fire or robbery, just having an external hard drive onsite will not be enough if it is stolen, destroyed, of becomes corrupted.

In my case, all I did was connect the external hard drive to a new computer and restored the data.

In this week’s Wall Street Journal, Walt Mossberg wrote an interesting article about a few  such online services for file sharing and backup.

If you don’t have a backup plan in place, I encourage you to do so ASAP.

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