Why you might want to keep your old computer

In the past, many people elected to buy a new computer every time a new operating system was introduced.  New operating systems used to mean many enhanced features and bells and whistles.  Recent surveys indicate that Microsoft’s newest launch, Windows 8, has not been received with the same enthusiasm and success as in the past.

Why? Check out the article below from today’s CIO section of the Wall Street Journal.

Windows 8 is failing to beat older Windows platforms. NetMarketshare reports that Windows 8 is the fourth-most popular operating system, behind Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Given Windows 8′s “dismal performance,” ReadWrite’s Brian Proffitt wonders if blame rests on the software itself, or just the lack of demand. Gmail and social networks such as Facebook have played a role in disrupting the software cycle, he opines. And feature saturation, especially in office suites, may give users pause for an OS update. “Given such a situation,” he writes, “Windows 8 may have really never stood a chance for massive blockbuster release numbers. The market is too crowded with, ironically, other Windows installs that are doing the jobs they need to do well enough.”

People are holding on to their computers longer than in the past.  Computer running slow? Perhaps all you need is a maintenance check. Changes are that you have a regular checkup and schedule periodic maintenance for your car.  Computers need a checkup as well.  If you want to find out how to increase the life of your computer, give us a call at 917 921-4518 or e-mail me at