Looking to Buy a New Laptop?

**Maybe You Should Wait**

Spring is here and Walter Mossberg, in his Wall Street Journal column this week, published his latest Laptop Guide.  What type of laptop should you consider?  Mac or Windows? A touchscreen, a convertible, a detachable? Is it time to consider a tablet?

Recent statistics show a massive drop in laptop sales. In his article, Walter Mossberg discusses the reasons behind the drop in sales, and why you should consider waiting until the Fall, if possible.  Both Microsoft and Apple will be introducing a number of enhancements in the next few months.

If you must buy now, you should review PC Magazine’s list of “The Top Best Laptops.”  As I have indicated in previous blogs, you should consider weight, screen size, and your comfort level with the keyboard before making a purchase.

However, people are holding onto their computers longer. if your decision to purchase now is based on performance (speed) or age, perhaps all it needs is a maintenance check.

When is the last time your computer had a maintenance check? If you need some advice before investing in a new computer, give me a call at 917 921-4518 or e-mail me at