Smart phonesOK, Apple has now introduced yet another “smartphone,” the iPhone 4S.  More importantly, they have now increased their distribution channel by offering it to Sprint customers.  Prior to this “launch,” iPhones were only offered through Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

The market share war, which includes Apple (iPhones), Google (Androids), and RIM (Blackberrys) is now in high gear which will invariably affect profitability in the long run. Apple has already reduced the price of some its older iPhone models.

As for those of you that are thinking about upgrading to a “smartphone,” remember the ground rules:

1.  It’s the provider first (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.).  Make sure that you are getting acceptable service in both your home and office.  Service varies by mobile phone provider, and if your service is poor, consider switching.  Having the latest and greatest phone will not help if your calls are being dropped or the  Internet connection is slow.  Ask your neighbors both at home and office what providers work for them.

2.  Smartphones come in all sizes and weight.  While they all offer telephone services and data plans for e-mails, Internet and apps, you must be comfortable with your mobile device. Once you own a smartphone, you will find that you will be depending more and more on it for e-mail and Internet access.

3.  Make sure you understand the terms of the data plans which are separate charges over and above your telephone plans.  A full explanation can be found on an earlier blog,  All About Data Plans.

4.  When you have decided on the right wireless provider, walk into one of their stores and play with all the available smartphones for comfort level.  iPhones only have touch screens, some Android models offer both touch screens as well as a slide out keyboard.  The Blackberry has lost market share, however they are still popular and should not be ruled out.

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