5 Star ResponderSeveral weeks ago, a new product was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal that should be a staple for those of us that have become more mobile, whether it be the frequent business traveler, senior citizen out for a stroll, or anyone, at any age, that spends time out of the home or office.

As quoted in the WSJ, “GreatCall’s 5Star Responder is one of the first truly portable emergency-call devices. It runs on Verizon’s network, giving it coverage anywhere a Verizon phone works. Other emergency-call devices like Medical Alert by LifeStation, work in the home and are geared toward seniors who rarely go out.”

Some of the features of GreatCall’s 5Star Responder include:

Nationwide coverage that provides you with access to live help 24/7, anywhere wireless coverage is available.

Agents who, based on GPS technology,  identify and locate you, assess your situation and then either contact appropriate personnel or dispatch someone for help.

In addition to  dispatching 9-1-1 emergency services, agents can conference in family and friends, and will stay on the line with you until your situation is resolved.

At this time, you can either purchase the unit through their website, where you can review all its features and pricing, or download an app to your iPhone.  The company indicates that an Android app is in the works.

If you don’t have a smartphone where you will be able to download an app, you should consider the stand-alone unit for all family members, parents, children, etc.  The monthly service charge is $15 and $9 for each additional members of your family.

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