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You’ve recently left corporate life, set up a home office or started a new business.  Your documents, pictures, music, videos, etc, that are stored in your computer are important to you. Do you have a backup system? Here are some reasons you should be backing up your data.

1. What if your computer crashes and you can’t start it.
2. Your home/office burns down
3. Your computer has been stolen
4. You left the computer in a restaurant, hotel, etc.
5. Coffee, soda or other liquid has been spilled on the keyboard of your laptop
6. The computer has been dropped
7. A virus has wiped out the hard drive
8. Malware, short for malicious software, has permitted someone to infiltrate your computer system without your consent
9. You have inadvertently erased an important file.
10. Someone else who uses your computer has deleted files

The list goes on. Before disaster strikes, make sure you are backing up ALL your important data onto an external hard drive and explore many of the online backup options that are available.

If you have any questions about what method of backup is best for you, do not hesitate to contact me.

Need to Access Your Files on the Road? Try Dropbox

Dropbox logoDropbox allows you to access your files from the road, from any computer and mobile device such as an I-Phone, I-Pad, or blackberry.  No need to run back home or to the office to retrieve documents.  Dropbox is the ultimate “cloud application” for the road warrior.  Works with both Windows and MAC based computers.

Here’s why you should be using Dropbox:

  • Up to 2GB of free storage.  $9.99/mo for 50GB, $19.99/mo for 100GB.
  • Sync any size and type of file, documents, pictures, videos, audios, etc.
  • Saves any changes when working on files in Dropbox.
  • Share files with friends and business associates.

I have set up folders in my Dropbox account the same way they are organized in my computer.  I never have to worry about getting a copy of my passport, driver’s license, medical claim forms, etc.  Writing a book?  Simply upload it into Dropbox and work on it from any computer or smartphone.

The new Ghost Writer. Do you need a “Cyber Assistant?”

The Internet has become the single most important tool for people and business owners to keep in touch and be heard. Whether it be blogging, tweeting, or simply maintaining a presence on Facebook and other social media sites, these tasks can become overwhelming. Today busy people are turning to freelance writers to be their “Cyber Ghosts” to write blogs and post important events, product developments and services for them. This new breed of personal assistants are bright, Internet savvy and possess excellent writing skills.

Tune in and listen.

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