New American Express Cards

American ExpressIf you own an American Express card, you will receive a new card within the next few days with a new security feature, Chip technology, which adds an additional level of security to your Card transactions when used at chip-enabled terminals.  According to American Express:

You may continue to use your existing Card until your new Card is received. However as a security measure, your current Card will be deactivated soon afterward. To avoid interruption to your spending, please activate your new Card immediately upon receipt and begin to use it for future purchases. *Please note: if you are currently or imminently traveling, rest assured you may continue to use your current Card until your return.

For your convenience, your account number will remain the same. There is no need to update your Card information with any merchants who automatically bill to your Card. Please note that your Card will have a new security code and expiration date that must be used where requested in future purchases.

To gain a greater understanding of chip technology, American Express has posted a Frequently Asked Questions site. Click Here to access the site.