Don’t like the iPhone and iPad Touch Screens? Try a Stylus

The stylus is back!! Remember the Palm Pilot, the first hand held device totally reliant on a thin stylus that slipped into a sleeve on the side of the unit?  Well, a newer, slightly thicker version has emerged.  With the popularly of the iPhone and the various tablets on the market, the new stylus has helped many of us who have had difficulty with the touch screens.  In addition, the new stylus, with a felt tip, permits people who would like to use one of the apps like noteability for handwriting and drawing directly onto the tablet.

For those of us with chubby fingers or difficulty with on screen keyboards relief is finally here.  I also find that writing notes on my iPad a plus.  As for the iPhone, using the stylus for typing has substantially reduced the amount of time it takes me to write an e-mail.

As indicated in past blogs, not all gadgets are meant for everyone.  While many people are comfortable with on screen keyboards, the stylus is a useful tool.

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