How to increase the life of your smartphone’s battery

iphone batteryIs your smartphone’s battery lasting half a day? Is your phone dying in the middle of an important call, playing a game, or while you are streaming a video or music?

Here are several tips on how to improve the life of your smartphone’s battery.

– Avoid keeping your screen’s brightness all the way up. Do not use the brightness of the screen as a flashlight. Your phone probably comes with a flashlight app.

– Reduce the amount of time you are playing Candy Crush, Pokemon Go and other games

– Keep an eye on how much you are checking your Social Media apps.  Social media is great for keeping up with your friends but constantly checking your Facebook page will kill your battery by midday.

– Disable Bluetooth when not using it. Unless you are using apps that need it or using your auto’s Navigation System, turn it off.

– Streaming music sites such as Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, and more  are the biggest battery killers. Listening all day will require numerous battery charges.

– Watching videos from services such as Netflix, Hulu and others drains your battery

– Check to see how many of your apps are using location services. This service is necessary when using GPS or location-based services. However, is it really necessary for your news and search apps to know where you are?

– Be careful how often you use Facebook Messenger emojis. Sending them constantly in the course of the day will kill your battery.

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