About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (From the Archives – 2011)

It’s hard to start a technology program without taking a moment to reflect on the life of Steve Jobs and the impact he has had on all our lives. So much has been written about him since his passing. I can only reflect on the impact he has made on me personally. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t rely on a product or service that Steve Jobs did not have a hand in creating. Whether it is the computer, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, etc., try to think of a day that goes by that doesn’t include the creative genius of Steve Jobs. His vision has created many products and services that have been copied, but not successfully duplicated in performance. Look at iTunes and the iPad where everyone has attempted to emulate his genius with little success.

While I never met the man, he was truly one of the most remarkable people of the past century, if not history, and had a profound impact on my life. If not for Steve Jobs, I would not have discovered technology, which has become my passion, since I left a career in the corporate world.

It is only fitting that today’s program, which was planned before his death, is about the cell phone market. Without his vision, my show would not be possible, and my career change would probably have resulted in yet another unfulfilling job. Thank you, Steve, and today’s program is dedicated to you.