A recent article in the Wall Street Journal envisions “The Coming Tech-led Boom.”  If the past century produced the Industrial Revolution, this century clearly will be the age of Technology.

Why?  Information is no more than a click away and virtually free.  Wireless technology permits us to communicate with someone anywhere in the world instantaneously.  Technology has already impacted manufacturing through the introduction of automated systems.

The job market has changed radically.  Companies are looking to hire innovators who are able to utilize their knowledge of technology to develop new products and services which will increase productivity.  Without basic computer skills, people in career transition, either because of corporate downsizing, looking to start their own business, or re-entering the job market, will find it extremely difficult to be competitive.  Skills acquired in the past century alone puts you on the wrong side of the Great Digital Divide.  Today’s younger generation, having grown up in the digital world, is well positioned to push baby boomers and seniors aside as they enter the job market.

Does your technology support your efforts, either on a personal or professional level?  How good are your basic computer skills?  Do you know how to determine what you need to be an effective Road Warrior?

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